I am going back to school!

Although I already graduated with a degree from a 4 year college, there is something I have been putting off doing for the past year. I've learned to go after what you want in life and never have any regrets, and I have reretted not doing this...

I am going to school fulltime for hairdressing! This means I have to rearrange my work schedule and money will be a little tight this year. But I will complete the program in a year and it will be well worth it. I enjoy being creative and I feel this is another outlet for me to express myself and inspire others. I have been cutting/coloring my own hair for the past 2 1/2 years but I think there is still so much more I can learn and experience. I will be starting in March and couldn't be more excited!

I will still be working on jewelry and I promise I will update as much as I can and post new work.  I don't want my work to suffer because of my busier schedule and I don't really think it will. This past year has been such a growing experience for more self discovery and I feel as though I have made some positive changes for my future. My life is finally in order mainly because I have been putting myself first and aggressively pursuing my goals. And because my plate will be a bit fuller this year with school, i will work that much harder on creating jewelry. To take advantage of every minute of the day is vital. And I think about how much more can get accomplished by shutting off the tv, or not sleeping in as late. Always be productive and you will feel so much better about yourself and accomplish more.



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