Ok, so after a week long hiatus, I am back! It has been a busy past few weeks and I really needed a week off to relax. After the 2 shows last weekend I was exhausted. All the preparation and running around the week before had finally caught up to me. I had my wisdom teeth taken out early this morning and surprisingly I have only taken one pain killer!! (It is currently 10:30pm) I still took it easy; ate lots of pudding, jello, and soup and watched a movie. So now it is officially time to get back to being busy. Hopefully tomorrow will not be the day the pain kicks in...

Anyways, I have a few pics from the stART on the Street art festival in Worcester, Ma from Sunday. Overall I had a great time at both shows and met some new and interesting people. So if you stopped by to say hello or pay me a compliment then Thank You! I had the pleasure of sharing a booth with the very talented David Apuzzo and to the right of us was another talented artist, James Polisky. Make sure to check out their amazing work!

I will be posting new work in the next few days, so stay tuned!!



04/24/2009 05:01

I wish you best of luck for your future, may God bless you with the most precious gifts of life. Your talent is going to take you very far.

10/11/2013 10:13

Found your site through Weebly and wanted to say hi


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