Well I've been pretty busy this past week and I thought I would update you with what's been going on. One of my friends got married this past Saturday and it was weird that someone in my inner circle was getting hitched. I've been to quite a few weddings but none were for my close friends. I guess I feel like my friends and I are getting old, lol. On Sunday my boyfriend and I went to a Mets game @ Shea Stadium, it was the last time I would step foot in the stadium, since the new one is opening next year. It rained a bit, but I was able to get through the game with the always enjoyable oversized hot dog...

Anyways, despite being busy lately I've been able to still push out orders and am getting more work done than ever. I will probably post some of the stuff I worked on sometime next week. I will be updating the shows section as soon as I confirm dates, so I hope I can see some of you at future shows!

Here are a few pictures from my crazy weekend!



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