Hello kitties!!
Yes it is officially October 1st! And this is when I start getting really excited about fall and hoodies and tall socks and Halloween and crisp leaves and cider and pumpkins and fall scents....ahhh I could go on for a few more paragraphs but I will refrain. Anyways.....there are a few things going on this weekend to kick off the new month...

Come hang out with me at:
David Apuzzo Photography and Art Gallery
4133 Whitney Ave. Hamden, Ct 06518

David is opening the doors to his new studio for a sneak peek! Come check out some of his new work and see in person what he's been working so busily on the past few months!

I will be displaying my work in the new studio along with ADAPT Art and I couldn't be more excited! I am very proud of Dave and he has put countless hours into the new studio. Plus he is SUPER talented in case you haven't noticed, and his work is even more incredible to see in person.



07/09/2012 15:21

Great site, did I read this right that its free from Weebly?


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