Here is one of the latest pieces I made for an upcoming photo shoot. This item is not yet available in my shop, since it is a custom piece and I have not yet decided if it will be for sale. I will make a similar piece upon request. Please be aware that it will not be an exact copy as colors and materials used do vary. 

Anyways, this necklace is one of my favorites and is designed to sit just below the collarbone. Lately I have been inspired by this style since it is flattering when worn with an open collar. So whether you have a scoop neck tee or that sexy little dress you've been waiting to wear, this piece is quite versatile. 

This funky piece is made from film that has been burned, shaped, and sealed. I then created the colorful spectrum using acrylic paint and various magazine clippings. It is sealed with a glossy clear coat for extended life. Enjoy!!


"Holdin it down like Mickey Mouse"
11/05/2009 19:52

I love it Sunshine! =)
You do absolutely beautiful work. You're gunna be famous one day for this..oh yeah & your HairStylist skills obviiiiously =)

Love it, Love, Looooove it<3

12/18/2009 15:08

Becky it was so nice to come to your site and see this new work, loving the necklace, very nice. Talk to you soon
your #1 fan
Maria of course.


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