Hello, again!! So here's another post in the same week...I'm going to try to update a few times a week to keep you in the loop of what's going on. As I've stated in a recent blog, I will be posting new work very soon, and there are so many goodies coming your way, I am soo excited! I'm working hard these days to put together a new collection. I know I said The Vicious Kitty would be focusing mainly on custom orders, but I still can't resist making some little trinkets on the side. Think colorful and big jewelry... So keep an eye out! 

I am also a hairstylist, so a photoshoot is in the works that will fuse my new jewelry with some funky hairstyles. And in the next few months I will be launching a new fashion project and yours truly will be available for styling events.

Well it's off to bed...it's sooo cold here. What is with New England weather lately?

p.s. Please keep sending me pics of you wearing my jewelry, you just might make it into the gallery!! :)




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